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Backlink Checker List You Should Know

backlink checkerBacklink checker is needed to determine the number of backlinks to your website. Using the backlink checker is required to check the link with the high quality of some of the backlink is obtained. Backlink function is to increase your website ranking on search engines that affect the sales of your product on search engines.

Backlink checker list

Several websites that provide backlink checker is very useful for you. Here’s the list:

  • www.backlinkwatch.com
  • webconfs.com
  • www.seoserp.com
  • www.iwebtool.com
  • backlinkcheck.com
  • www.htmllink.net
  • www.scrapebox.com/free-link-checker
  • thelinkpop.com
  • www.build-reciprocal-links.com/backlink_checker_tool.html
  • www.smallseotools.com/backlink-checker/

From several the backlink checker list above, not all are completely free, some are paid and some are free, but if you want to find a way how to check backlinks in full report, go to your stats in cpanel, or also using statistics from STT2 plugin if you using wordpress. If you’re  not using wordpress you can  use histats to know the incoming traffic from search engines or referring sites.

Backlink checker benefit

Backlink checker software is also available, please search on google, there are many facilities to see a list of incoming backlinks to your website. However backlink checker is very useful for data analysis tools to your website and SEO.

I hope the list above useful to increase your information about backlink checker.

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